Braille Tutor version 1.1.1

Braille Tutor version 1.1.1 is now available to download from the AppStore. The app is now compatible with iOS9 and contain bug fixes and enhancements in response to user feedback. In particular, it fixed the bug with sound effects and speech stopping suddenly. Thanks for all your feedback.

6 thoughts on “Braille Tutor version 1.1.1

  1. I like this app very much because I want to learn Braille to help my four year old child. I want to buy the upgrades but for the past week, the app keeps saying that it is being modified and try again later. When will it be ready for us to purchase? Thanks.

    • Hi Busy Mum,

      Thank you for downloading the Braille Tutor app. I hope you have success in learning Braille and helping your child.

      Thanks for letting me know if the problem with the in-app purchase, it must be frustrating. There is currently no modification being done to the app itself, however Apple might be updating its AppStore. I have tried with my local AppStore and was unable to replicate the problem.

      When you were having problems with the Braille Tutor in-app purchase, have you been successful in purchasing (not free downloads) any other apps or In-App purchases? If so, it is likely to be an issue with the AppStore. The best way to inform Apple and get the latest update is through their customer support,

      If you find the issue is isolated to Braille Tutor, please do let me know and I’ll follow up with them also.

      Thanks and regards,


      • Last night, I sent a message to apple support and waiting for their reply. I don’t buy a lot of apps. I did purchase one app a few weeks without any problem. I live in Canada. Don’t know if that makes any difference. So far, this is the best app I found that has made learning Braille fun and efficient. Thanks to the creators of this app. Even my child who is blind can use it by using a Bluetooth keyboard and she even learned some letters quickly. I will let you know what apple support has to say. This Is very frustrating because I am on fire to learn Braille and want to get the rest of the lessons ASAP.

      • Today I bought an in-app purchase from Acoustic Guitar app to see if I could make any in-app purchases. I had no problem paying and getting the in-app purchase from Acoustic Guitar app.
        I got a reply today from apple support who told me to log in and out of my Apple ID. I tried that days ago but I tried again to no avail to buy this Braille Tutor app. My case got moved to tier 2 senior advisor who said he would review my case. I already tried lots of things, resetting modem, wifi, Internet, resetting iPad, using different iPads and two different Apple ID, checking country and time set correctly, etc. I read lots of forums and seems to be common problem with Apple.

      • Hello Ray,
        Today, I got this reply from apple support:
        “After looking into the issue, I must advise you to contact the apps developer again. since the issue is with in the app and not in the iTunes Store itself, they would be the best ones to troubleshoot the error.” Then he proceeded to tell me to try to delete the app and reinstall the app which I already tried many times and I still get the message “this item is being modified. Try again later.”
        So, when you have time, please look into this and contact apple support. All of Apple support tips that they provided, I already knew about from reading webpages and they were not helpful in solving the problem. Thanks.

        • Hi Busy Mom,

          Thanks for contacting Apple Support. I’ll raise a support ticket with them also. I would prefer to email you direct with further questions, unfortunately the gmail address that you supplied previously did not accept delivery of my email to you. Can you please resupply your gmail or another email address?



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