Braille Tutor – Free and Braille Tutor

The Paid version of the Braille Tutor is now available on the AppStore. The original Braille Tutor app has a new name: Braille Tutor – Free. Both apps have the same features and functionality as the original. The changes were in response to feedback where the policies of a number of educational institutions blocked access to In-App purchases. The Braille Tutor – Free app will remain a free download with the basic lessons, in order that all may access this app to learn the basics of English Braille.

Braille Tutor Launch Event


We celebrated the launch of the new Braille Tutor app for iPad at University House on August 8.

Braille Tutor banner

Braille Tutor on iPad

Presentation 1

Presentation 2


Using Braille Tutor 1

Using Braille Tutor 2

Playing with Braille Tutor

Teachers, students, parents and other professionals supporting the vision-impaired came to support our launch and checked out the app on the iPads. Thanks to everyone who came and helped to make it a wonderful evening! It was great to be able to share our journey with each of you and hear your feedback.

Thanks to and Chamil for the great photos.